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Needing Epoxy Flooring In Fayettville NC?

Are you looking to get your floors covered in epoxy? Are you looking to upgrade and protect an area around your home? Well search no further because the Floor Pros have you covered, literally. We use the highest quality materials to turn your dreams to a reality whether it be inside or out your home. By investing in the right coating, it is easier than ever to keep your garage floors clean and attractive. Epoxy floors are very easy to clean due to their waterproof surface, they do not flake off like paint, do not fall apart like tiles or stain like concrete. Sweet the floor and wipe with a damp sponge to absorb any residues, or sweep it with your hands after each use. There are many advantages when using epoxy coatings, there are a number of decorative surfaces from which you can choose, such as glass, wood, metal, plastic or even glass. These surfaces can handle the weight of your car and there is a wide range of colors and textures for them. There are several different types of epoxides on the market, from black to white, red to blue, green to orange. You will love the look and you will love how easy it is to take care of yourself even more, you will love what is around you. If you are fed up with the concrete floor in your garage, invest in epoxy to get a more attractive and durable surface.




The Pros have you covered inside...

Garages, bathtubs, countertops, walls, and basements are some of the many things we can transform inside your home. Epoxy floors offer homeowners an easy way to customize their homes and offer a variety of options for their living space. An epoxy floor in the living area can be used for kitchen, cellar, living room, garage, etc. The ability to customize your floors and limit maintenance is revolutionary for homeowners. You spend less time cleaning the floor and more time just being in your house, with less maintenance and less money for maintenance. With an epoxy floor system you can realize your vision for your floor and adapt it to your wishes. 

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Porches, Patios, Pools, Roofs, Pathways, Carports are just a few areas that we have transformed for many customers on the exterior of their home. Concrete epoxy coating protects against damage caused by falling tools, water, dust and other natural hazards such as dirt, sand, dirt and sand.
 This is the ideal floor solution if you want to work on your cars or set up a workshop. With a seamless installation, dusty garages are a thing of the past and your workshop is a lot of fun. Fight the dangers of falling tools such as nails, bolts, screws, nails and other sharp objects with the help of Epoxy Floor 
With this level of floor coverings you can expect reliable and low-maintenance floor coverings for up to 20 years.

Why Choose Epoxy?

  • Durable and Easy to clean
  • Often a quick and easy installation
  • Resistant of oil stains and water
  • Can be combined with paints and colors
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Creates a seamless surface able to last many years

Why Choose The Floor Pros of Fayetteville?

If you want to protect your concrete from damage and make useful cold, dusty concrete into a beautiful, functional floor, this epoxy coating we offer is the solution. Concrete itself is porous and can be damaged by tires, moisture, hard chemicals and more. This decorative concrete protective layer gives concrete a wear-resistant protective layer that helps its floors to withstand constant wear. We are always ready to meet our customers needs and offer them an affordable solution. Just call us, THE FLOOR PROS at 888– 888 – 8888 and we will always be on site with an expert to give you a FREE QUOTE. Here at the Floor Pros Of Fayetteville, we strive for excellence all while turning your epoxy dreams to a reality. Safety and Quality are at the top of our list and are ready to help you today! Let us help you stop dreaming and start living!!