Needing Commercial Epoxy?

Are you looking for commercial epoxy floors? Look no further! We here at The Floor Pros of Fayetteville have experience in and with all the industries. Give us a call today for to take your business or industry to the next level. Whether the automotive, Pharma, Fire, EMS, Food and Bevereage, or Manufacturing, we have the skills and tools to exceed your expectations here at The Floor Pros of Fayetteville!

We've got you covered!!

The commercially available concrete floor coating system offers a durable surface that withstands the harsh conditions to which commercial floors are exposed on a daily basis. The business environment can be improved by using a high quality, durable and environmentally friendly concrete coating.  The commercially available epoxy floor covering makes cleaning and care of the floor easy and does not flake or leave any traces. It is heat resistant and can be re-coated in a few minutes, even in extreme heat.  The Floor Pros high-performance epoxy floor has undoubtedly been successfully used on millions of square feet in the United States. 

The Floor Pros can do it all!

Let the Pros take care of you! We specialize in a number of areas and can adapt to any setting. Numerous multicoloured concrete coatings were offered to design industrial floors individually. The floor system made of commercial epoxides can transform the workplace by providing a longer lasting, cleaner and more comfortable environment. It behaves similarly to the concrete floor and is therefore ideal for industrial and commercial buildings.

Why choose the Floor Pros of Fayetteville?

Along with durabilty and looks, epoxy gives a smooth and even surface is also very easy to sweep and maintain, and the exterior alone makes it tempting for some.  The price remains one of the biggest and most immediate advantages you will find with epoxy floors. Compared to other floor coverings, the cost per square metre of epoxy floor is hard to beat. The installation costs are also significantly lower than with others, as concrete and other floor coverings can be laid directly. Let the Floor Pros of Fayetteville take care of your commercial needs!