In need of epoxy repair in Fayetteville?

Is your concrete cracking or is the paint peeling? Are you tired of almost falling in the crack in your driveway, garage, of walkway? Get it repaired today by the Floor Pros of Fayetteville and be worry free! Let us get repair your floors so they wont need to be repaired again!  We offer specialized commercial epoxy formulations for industries such as warehouses, factories, hospitals and more.

Why choose epoxy repairs?

Epoxy concrete floors can transform a building by combining aesthetics with function and affordability. We understand that high commercial space is in demand and epoxy offers an affordable solution to the problem of high land costs and construction costs. Many floor solutions look good at first glance, but deteriorate quickly under demanding circumstances. We need a floor solution that our customers like and that can withstand falling objects such as fire, water and other natural disasters.  If your priority is to renovate your business or improve your customer experience, we can help you when you need durable, high-performance floors. Our epoxy floors at The Floor Pros will exceed all expectaions.

Why choose The Pros of Fayetteville?

Allow us to turn your inconvenience into a restoration to make you forget about your previous mishap. With our skilled technicians and dedication to quality, our epoxy floors  typically last 10 to 20 years and can last even longer with the proper maintenance and touch-ups. When it finally comes time to replace your floor, there will be no need for removal, and no need to throw away your old flooring.

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